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Planning for Failure

Just about any piece on innovation I read suggests that it is critical that people be given space to fail in order that they can try new things. I have even seen it suggested that if you have a star performer who isn’t making any mistakes then you should tell them to make some (if someone knows who, tell me and I will update).

So how does it work then when operational and project plans include enough time to get the work done (if you are lucky), but rarely enough time to get something wrong and start again…

There are bunches of creativity killers out there. Some are stronger than others.  Limits on resources like money and people are often thought of as things that can drive creativity – but having an innovation allowance of time built into project plans could be a useful thing.

And if not, then we all might have an extra day to get all the work done 🙂


“Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde

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