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In this day and age…? Really?

It isn’t hard to have good customer service that you want to talk to other people about.  Sometimes it doesn’t even cost the company anything to provide it. But when you see bad service that is just plain dumb you just want to shout at someone.

We have had a couple of really bad run in’s with bad delivery services recently – one delivering a new computer, the other a child’s toy. Both from online purchases, but they could just have easily been from a bricks&mortar store. Some points from the combined experiences include:

  • the toy has gone to a different city and is sitting on a loading dock somewhere
  • they can’t find the toy at the loading dock, but they are looking for it
  • we arranged for delivery window no earlier than midday for the computer  (and were home at 5 to 12 by our clock), but the delivery person had already been and gone;
  • even though it was at very edge of the delivery window for the computer the delivery person has knocked, got no answer and then left straight away;
  • they have taken the computer back to the warehouse for a quality check (its in an unopened box);
  • the delivery person for the computer does not have a mobile or pager and so can’t be contacted until they get back to the warehouse;
  • we still don’t have the computer several days later (maybe today)

The strangest part to me is that these details were given to us as though they were our problem.

Both the companies we bought items from are supposedly a future oriented group of people who are clever bunch.  Both companies however  are using a delivery service that seems to be stuck in the dark ages of impersonal, fixed delivery customer service.  Just what you are looking for when you are eager to get your hands on a new toy or a new computer.

And here’s the real kicker…we won’t remember the delivery service company – but we will remember the company who we bought the product from and how it didn’t get to us.

In an unrelated story, we purchased a brand new big screen TV recently and the delivery service (branded as the store we bought it from:

  • made an initial day, but said they would call during a window to confirm when,
  • then called during that window to confirm the delivery window
  • they arrived during the delivery window with the specified product
  • they were professional and friendly when bringing the new TV inside
    Thanx Bing Lee for great end to end service.


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