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Make your Mum proud

I am a bit of a speedway fan.  I love it most when the racing is close, fast and fair.  Watching a race where the lead changes many times or seeing someone come from back in the pack picking their way through traffic is the stuff that gives me goosebumps.  Unfortunately, all that excitement can come at a cost – equipment is torn up, sometimes people get hurt.  Sometimes tempers are the things that get frayed and the real damage is harder to see.

There was an incident on the weekend when I was at an event with my 2 yr old girl (she likes cars).  Thankfully she is too young to know anything happened. Perhaps fortunately, I only know what I am able to find and read across the web.

What I do know from my time with volleyball in the national league is that the people who are the real winners are the ones who can hold their head high win, lose or draw. The ones who are fierce competitors who you know you can always chat to after the game – no matter the outcome.  The ones who understand what it means to do things right.  I’m not always that person.  But I hope I will be every time I look into my little girls pretty blue eyes .

Wins and losses come and go (some linger).  But all of us need to remember that someone who loves us is always watching, and we want them to be proud.


“Be the person your dog thinks you are” – Bumper sticker

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