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Moving On

What follows below is a message I sent to the New South Wales Volleyball Referees Association Board, as well as other stakeholders.

Hello NSWVRA Board (& others)

I announced to a very small quorum at our last Board meeting my intention not to re-nominate for the NSWVRA Board at our next AGM, effectively resigning my position as Chairman at that time (March 2012).

While I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with each of the Board members as well as the variety of NSWVRA stakeholders, I have decided that I can no longer give the hours necessary to complete my duties, and do it with the appropriate sense of optimism and grace that I aspire to.  In reality, the time I spent actually refereeing in 2011 was the smallest it has been in 10 years, while the time I had put into the administration activities was at its highest ever. And my little girl has asked me to spend more time with her – which means something coming from a 3yr old.

As for the future of NSWVRA, I hope, the new incoming Chair finds the organisation in good shape and builds upon it, just as I did when I took the position at the AGM in 2005.  I was a recently upgraded National A when I joined the Board (having just come back from my first National Juniors), but it was my desire to improve the state of officiating in NSW that was key to my work in this position, rather than my current or future grading. With this in mind, I shall continue to encourage anyone who has the energy and desire to get involved with NSWVRA in any way they can.

I would like to thank each of the current and past Board members for their time in supporting me and the activities of NSWVRA, as well as each of the referees for their time. I would also like to acknowledge those in the volleyball community who have supported the NSWVRA and the principles of officiating in general from before, during and after my time with the NSWVRA Board. Perhaps most importantly, I must thank my family and friends for their support and patience as I made my way along this journey.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and safe festive season.



Chairman, NSW Volleyball Referees Association

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