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Aid Transparency Exercise for MOOC

This post is an exercise for a Knight Centre for Journalism in the Americas Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) course on the Introduction of Infographics & Data Visualisation that I am currently working through.

The exercise is to make some detailed sketches of an interactive graphic of your own design covering the data from the Aid Transparency Index – (data is here  , report is here ). The task asks you to imagine that you are pitching an idea to your boss the editor for the creation and publication of an interactive infographic using this data as the key element.

Awesome I think. Transparency & Aid. I could have got into either topic, but the 2 of them together should be great.
And then I looked at the data… I don’t really know the agencies involved. I was expecting Red Cross, Medicine Sans Frontiers, World Vision and others like that, but instead it’s the Australian Agency for International Development. I’m sure they do great work, but no idea who they are…
So ….lots of rather faceless large scale agencies and some data which tells me whether another rather unknown agency thinks they are playing by (their) rules on transparently providing aid.

So…since this is for a journalism based course…I thought…
…Maybe this should be about what the reader thinks is good transparent aid…

My design is all about letting the reader make their own choices and see what happens compared to the original Index.

Aid Transparency Index Inteactive Design – Wk3 Task

It has 3 pages.  Opening front page, small picture of main page with descriptions of the interactions, and a larger version of the main page.

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback.


PS. A touch rough around the edges…a little too much day job and other job work on at the minute…


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