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Crime in NSW – MOOC wk 6 Exercise

This post is the week 6 exercise for the Knight Centre for Journalism in the Americas Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) course on the Introduction of Infographics & Data Visualisation that I am currently working through.

The exercise is to design an interactive graphic using any data we want. I have chosen to use the statistics on crime in my home state of NSW. The data for this is freely available here.

Crime tends to get attention by itself, but is often sensationalised beyond what is a reasonable level. This graphic will aim to take the number of reported offences by local government area from 1995 up to 2011, and comparing it to population data, assess whether there is more or less crime in any given area. The opening page will ask the reader to guess whether they think the rate of crime has increased/ decreased over that time but will not make a direct comparison to the readers guess (why hurt their feelings?).

This becomes their entry then into being able to see the different slices of the data – so for different geography & types of crime.

A map of NSW will be the main element of the view. A trend chart and a bar chart would be used on the bottom and side of the map to provide further detail. Some additional automated text would then provide specific details. There would also be an option to change over the map to a grouped set of column charts to show different geographies.

A slider for time would be used as the controller and filter – the bar chart for offences would be filtered to the selected year, but the trend chart would have an indicator to show where the year was up to.

If I had more resources I would aim to source local and state news articles showing reporting in the media of the major crime in each area for each year of data. I would then include that specific article/ image as an annotation available to the reader at the most detailed level.

I have tried to have a play in Tableau to see how close I could get to the look, but it wasn’t close enough for my liking so I have used a screenshot of the Tableau Dashboard as the main item to describe my design, rather than upload the interactive to Tableau Public.  My full design is here –  Crime in NSW Interactive Design – Wk6 Task.

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