A Resume (of sorts)

What I do

  • People & Processes – Working with teams to help them articulate business rules and understand the processes as they were planned and as they actually work
  • Data Cleaning & Consolidation – Working with those at the coalface  to ensure the integrity of the data as well as bringing the best of the data together
  • Discovering Meaningful Metrics – Working with various levels of the business to find the information that is most meaningful, for now and the future to help them work towards their objectives.
  • Empowering the people with their data – A focus on interactive reporting which ensures teams can quickly view, understand and analyse the latest data as it updates, and then building additional analysis and tools as their experience with their data grows.

How I work

  • Innovative thinking – Teams grab me to consult with them when they have any amount of data they would like to explore, are looking to get their objectives clear with solid measurements, or want someone who can bring a different perspective to a problem.
  • New trends & ideas – I am widely read (mostly through blogs), have played the role of ‘trendspotter’, and have brought many new ideas from other fields and disciplines into my & my colleagues’ world in a meaningful way.
  • Continuous improvement – I am regularly pushing the status quo. The rest of my team expect when they bring a question to me, that I will generally have them go away with 2 bigger questions they hadn’t thought of yet.
  • Curiosity & questioning – Many teams now expect me to bring to them new methods, approaches and ideas in often unrelated areas. I am also regularly used as a sounding board by other senior managers and staff.
  • Very strong technical skills – I am the office guru for both Excel & PowerPoint. I also have strong presentation skills (as noted by the range and level of conferences I have presented at). I am also the one who can un-jam the printer, adjust the movable walls that split the meeting rooms, and fix the big stapler.

Work History

  • Tourism Australia (previously Australian Tourist Commission) (March 2000 to present)
    – Manager, Corporate Performance & Evaluation (Apr09 – present)
    – (Acting) Corporate Planning Manager (May08 – Apr09)
    – Knowledge Coordinator & Corporate Strategy (Nov07 – May08)
    – Senior Insights Analyst (Oct03 – Nov07)
    – Senior Researcher (Jul02 – Oct03)
    – Research Projects Coordinator (Mar00 – Oct03)
  • Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS, previously Frank Small & Associates)
    – Senior Account Manager (Jan98 – Mar00)


  • Degree – Post Graduate Psychology (4yrs) from Curtin University, Perth WA (completed 1996)

About me personally

  • Sport – I play and referee indoor volleyball at a national league level, I also enjoy playing golf & tennis.

Other Details

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