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If your beliefs fit on a sign…

1 November, 2010 Leave a comment

The Rally to restore Sanity and or Fear was held recently with bunches of great signs on display.  This one caught my eye for many reasons.  Its simple. Its asks the reader for more of themselves. It doesn’t tell them how to think, only to think.

I can be a little difficult to work with because I don’t give easy answers (instead I add a tougher question or two). I tend to build in more details for people to look at so they can come to a conclusion (not remove them in place of a pithy comment). And I ask serious questions about integrity of the information at hand (and have even suggested that no data would have been better than some).

We do have a focus now in the world on the headline, the topline, the elevator pitch, the ‘skinny’, etc. Sometimes people give excellent summaries that cut to the very heart of a problem and its optimal solution – and sometimes they don’t.
Can you tell which is which?

Is it who it comes from? Is it how they say it? Is it that other people are saying it with them?
But maybe I am being too harsh and overly concerned with unnecessary details…

Alternate Post

Headlines Rule – Its all people read anyway 🙂


PS.  “This is the problem of attention-span. To understand something—an essay, an argument, a proof of innocence—requires a certain amount of attention. But on many issues, the average, or even rational, amount of attention given to understand many of these correlations, and their defamatory implications, is almost always less than the amount of time required. The result is a systemic misunderstanding–at least if the story is reported in a context, or in a manner, that does not neutralize such misunderstanding. The listing and correlating of data hardly qualifies as such a context. Understanding how and why some stories will be understood, or not understood, provides the key to grasping what is wrong with the tyranny of transparency.” – Larry Lessig via O’Reilly Radar


A Rant…

3 September, 2010 Leave a comment

I would normally have written a post on some topic this week but have seen numerous things that have just got me looking at the world going…what is wrong with all of us?

Much like a brainstorming process where you need to write the idea down to get it out so you can move to the next one, I am going to try to cleanse my mind of these things by writing them down here.  And then I will move on.

Some of these I have problems with for completely different reasons, and not just the main headline or point of the articles.  I have shown the links so you will know exactly what you are getting if you click on them (undoubtedly, some will cause offense).

So here goes, APPARENTLY…

– It’s a feel good story if a smoking toddler quits –

– The homeless are more responsible for their plight than we think –

– People can be not given a job, or interviewed, because they don’t have a positive online presence –

– The American left is in serious trouble because they aren’t prepared to play as dirty as the right –

– US Government protection from revealing sources should only extend to traditional media –

– There is a serious problem with letting people play a game from either side of a conflict when the game can be sold near an emotive location –

– You can exhibit (as art) a one night stand –

– We don’t have to think through hoax ads –

– You ought to be the gatekeeper of your own work, rather than be forced to deal with a gatekeeper that has already earned their audience (I normally love Seth Godin’s stuff)  –

– We should be careful about those positive archetypes –

– You can get away with it, if no one wants to come after you –

– We can trust announcements –

– We only do things because someone else has an agenda –


I’m sure that I will feel better soon….

Now. Moving On.


PS. “Build a bridge. Get over it.”

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